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hype.peace 🎇 HAPPY 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣  TO YOU ALL!!!🎆  newrelease @im.migrant_hoodies  takes aim at traditional and nationalist culture. Inspired by contemporary souvenir styles, overpriced capitalist brands and American elitist sportswear.●Most of all it celebrates people from immigrant backgrounds experiencing a shared/double identity living in countries like France, Germany, UK and US. Representing immigration as something that shouldn’t be feared but cherished, as contributing to the enrichment of society.●£10 per hoodie goes to @helprefugeesuk●#availablenow jan_sales18 Current sales are up to 30% off on selected items! charity_donation We’re proud to announce our second donation made possible thanks to all of you who bought from our #PRAYcollection! 💝●73% of our Instagram poll voters were in favour of using the £2,000 for @syria_relief to provide a whole school with educational material. ...

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This summer HYPEPEACE will be doing a POP-UP TOUR across Europe.  We want to expand our network and meet you our (future) supporters/ customers/contributors in real life. At the moment we're looking for available pop-up shop spaces and accommodation. If you can help us find a perfect place in one of Europe's main cities, please get in touch via We're very much looking forward to this and hope to see you this summer somewhere on the continent.

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