Introducing our Protest Gear for the activist in you!

We love these pieces as it has blackboard or whiteboard spaces for you to write on.
As recent times have called for more demand for change, equality, justice, and for basic civil rights worldwide, there’s no better way than to use clothing for self-expression.

Protesting has been around since civilisations existed, some completely changed the course of history. We know there are dangers in protesting so for this release we have collaborated with Palika Makam, a Media Activist whose work involves supporting and advising the use of video to exposing human rights abuses all over the world  – from Ferguson to The West Bank. 

There are tips on safety and how to be effective during protests on the garments. With a QR code print that will take you to other relevant information, to more resources about your rights, and links to organisations that support protestors. Knowledge is power so we need to inform ourselves as best we can.

Get yourself ready as we might be embarking on some revolutionary times in our lives!

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