Protest Gear Collection

Introducing new gear and more information about the latest collaboration! Read more and find out what there is to show about our newest addition to the market!

Introducing the protest gear!

The newest addition to our store that represents a call for change, equality, justice and even basic civil rights around the world. This is the greatest way to express yourself using the garments below for self-expression with these times. With this new releaser, this has given us a chance to have a collaboration with Palika Makami, a great media activist. 

Some details about the garments that we have to offer involves providing a good sense of security for any emergency you may encounter within this revolution. With these sets of garments, you will be able to access a black/white board space that will be presented on the back of the clothing; allowing to express yourself in the creative manner.  There's even a small QR code presented on the back that gives you more access to the latest revolution of this product. 

With this collection, it also introduces a small leaflet poster which is designed by Rania Qaddoura, with this explains more detail about what's to offer. With each garment, it comes with it's own corresponding leaflet poster as well as a blackboard chalk pen.


Here's a small video of Palika Makami demonstrating how one piece of the garments work and presenting how the appearance for the protest.

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