Syria Donation & Hospitainers

Last year we've managed to donate a total of £2,400 to the'PREEMPTIVE LOVE COALITION'.
£2,000 generated from our 'PR💔Y POUR LES SYRIENS' line.
£400 generated from our NARCY COLLABORATION.
The money is being used to finance 'Hospitainers', rapid deployment hospitals, in Eastern Ghouta (Syria) where most infrastructure has been destroyed. Hospitainers house not only medical personnel but also a surgery room and contains the necessary tools for routine care and emergencies.


They've sent us this video to show us the great work they do...

More info on how PREEMPTIVE LOVE COALITION used our donation to help finance 'Hospitainers' in Syria can be found HERE.


Thank you once again to everyone who purchased our 'PR💔Y' items!




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