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In November 2019 we donated £1,500 to Help Refugees. This was made possible thanks to all of you who copped our 'IMMIGRANT' tops 🙏 

We got in touch with Help Refugees to see where our donation would best aid them, and they suggested we help fund one of their NGO partners Med'EqualiTeam, provider of medical supplies. Health care was specially needed after the big fire that happened in the Vathy refugee camp last October and also for the winter at hand. 

Below is a message from their programme team:


"Thank you so much for your generous donation!!  There's one health clinic on Samos that is working around the clock to meet the needs of the c.7000 residents of Vathy camp. It's run by our partners Medequaliteam, who are a team of fully qualified doctors and nurses volunteering their time. Your funds helped cover the costs of their medical supplies in November; this includes everything from insulin to antihistamines, asthma pumps to paracetamol. It makes a huge difference to people living there that they're able to access medical support quickly and efficiently. It's also really important for maintaining a positive relationship with the local community, because the island's population has doubled in the last 3 years with so many new arrivals, and the medical services available can't cope. This way, everybody can see a doctor when they need to. 

With love & gratitude to you and your supporters,
Help Refugees Team"

Special thanks to Zehra, Philli & Matty from Help Refugees who coordinated this donation. 

Providing free primary health care for the people living in the refugee camp on the Greek island of Samos.

If you want to contribute or volunteer for Med'EqualiTeam, please visit

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