Vinyl Iron-On Fabric Transfer Tutorial

Be creative with our Iron-On Vinyl Transfers!

If you're thinking about getting yourself an iron-on transfer or have already purchased one, here is a step by step video tutorial on applying it to a garment of your choice.

It's very easy as long as you know how to use an iron.

We've introduced this DIY iron-on vinyl transfer option to some of our prints to help minimise our production on apparel wear. We already source our garments from well certified companies such as Continental Clothing Co. and Stanley Stella but we hope by providing this option on our products it will help lower the production of more brand new t-shirts, hoods or sweats which takes a lot of resources, energy and create waste. We want to encourage people to reuse their current garments and revive them with our prints. 


HYPEPEACE vinyl heat transfer GUIDE page 1

HYPEPEACE vinyl heat transfer page GUIDE 2

A video sample on the steps on how to iron vinyl heat transfers from HYPEPEACE.